Member Benefits

Northwest Biosolids exists because of you, our members. We provide our member utilities and companies with essential biosolids management information, resources and opportunities.

Find answers to your technical questions.

  • Direct access to university researchers
  • Personalized biosolids information “hotline”
  • Online resources and research library

Develop and improve your own biosolids management program.

  • Policy development and regulatory review
  • Biosolids research and demonstration
  • Public education and community assistance
  • Networking and presence-building

Keep current on the latest biosolids policy and technology.

  • Annual “Biofest” conference
  • “BioBulletin” e-newsletter and annual reports
  • General meetings and trainings


Direct access to university researchers

Faculty at the University of Washington, Washington State University and other universities are available to answer technical and policy questions about biosolids management. They can help by providing advice on biosolids management alternatives, calculating biosolids application rates and will assist you with establishing and managing demonstration sites, developing public outreach tools and interpreting regulations. (click HERE for more information).

Personalized biosolids information “hotline”

As a Northwest Biosolids member, our capable, full-time staff are on-call to answer your biosolids and wastewater questions. Northwest Biosolids has nearly 30 years of experience working in biosolids-related fields in the Pacific Northwest region and we want to share our experience. If we can’t answer your question ourselves, we’ll rally additional resources to help you find a solution that works for you.

Online resources and research library

Our website includes links to technical resources, announcements for webinars and other training opportunities, a calendar of our upcoming activities and other information. We also provide our members with exclusive access to up-to-date biosolids research and online resources via our members-only web portal. Through the Northwest Biosolids Technical Resource Library, our members have access to more than 2,700 scientific and professional journal articles, books, reports and conference proceedings. Members can search this extensive database and request materials on specific topics.


Policy development and regulatory review

Northwest Biosolids is available to help our members navigate the often complex federal, state and local rules that apply to biosolids management. We’ll also keep you informed of applicable regulatory developments at all levels of government and assure that you have a voice in reviewing regulations that might affect your biosolids program at home. We served as a voice for biosolids reuse in litigation that would’ve impacted our members ability to continue biosolids land application in the region.  This galvanized effort was instrumental in overturning a potential ban on Class B land application that would have had far-reaching, negative consequences to biosolids programs everywhere.  This ruling has become part of the case law history for biosolids nationwide, signifying a true beacon of support for responsible biosolids management regulations and the programs that operate within them.

Biosolids research and demonstration

We are the unsurpassed experts in biosolids research and demonstration in the Pacific Northwest. Our demonstration sites address questions related to biosolids recycling options and biosolids use in agriculture, silviculture, soil improvement/reclamation and composting. Northwest Biosolids members have access to tour these sites and the associated data and studies. We can also help our members craft their own research project, if you have a specific need for increasing the understanding of biosolids issues in your area or jurisdiction. Our research team played a critical role in developing both local and national biosolids regulations and continue to be a voice in building effective and protective biosolids regulations. Research continues to inform input on new regulations and the key findings our members need to answer the questions that arise.

Public education and community assistance

We send Northwest Biosolids representatives into our members’ communities to make presentations to special interest groups, city councils, schools, conservation districts and other groups wishing to learn more about biosolids management topics. As a member, we’ll also provide public outreach materials and will help you develop your own materials to meet your community’s needs.

Networking and presence-building

Our membership is our greatest asset and we help our members connect with one another. As a member of Northwest Biosolids, you’ll have access to share your expertise, give technical presentations to others and sponsor our conferences and events. All of our members also receive copies of our member directories, as well as access to online and print opportunities to spotlight your agency or company. Northwest Biosolids was built on a collective mindset that we are stronger in numbers than alone.  Rather than competing for land application sites, funding research in silos or looking to a national organization for local messages, the network was built to leverage our talents, our dollars and prove that we are stronger in numbers.  To this day, Northwest Biosolids serves as a model for regional biosolids collaboration across the globe.


Annual “Biofest” biosolids management conference

Northwest Biosolids offers an annual three-day conference that features presentations on technical, operational and policy issues related to biosolids management. Unlike some national conferences, “Biofest” focuses on the specific biosolids issues and solutions facing us in the Pacific Northwest region. Our conference also includes a poster session, manufacturer’s exposition, and updates on emerging scientific research and other biosolids products and services. Northwest Biosolids members are eligible for discounted conference registration fees.

“BioBulletin” e-newsletter and annual report

We send the most current biosolids research, news and information directly to your inbox, so that you don’t miss out on the latest policy or technological developments. We also publish a year-end annual report to highlight our collective accomplishments and research activities, so you have up-to-date information to share with their managers and policy makers. Members have the opportunity to contribute content about their firms’ projects, equipment and services in these reports.

General meetings and trainings

Member agencies and companies are invited to attend trainings, webinars and informational meetings about a variety of emerging biosolids management challenges and opportunities. These meetings are often combined with tours of biosolids recycling operations or treatment technologies.