Using NutriGrow replenishes the earth and closes the nutrient loop that begins when harvested plants remove nutrients from the soil.

What we do

In partnership with Metro Vancouver, Arrow Transportation takes the city’s Class A biosolids and creates a variety of soil blends called NutriGrow. NutriGrow is a commercially available natural organic manufactured topsoil (growing medium). Specific measurements of biosolids, fibre (sawdust/bark) and sand are mixed together to create an organic-rich soil with a complete source of nutrients.  The planter soil is aged bark, river sand and biosolids, while the turf soil is river sand, sawdust and biosolids. Most of the NutriGrow’s customers are commercial landscapers, the construction industry, and bulk suppliers. Arrow has multiple facilities in British Columbia and also transports Vancouver’s biosolids to larger sites where they are used directly to return nutrients to the soil in the reclamation and remediation of mines, landfills and disturbed agricultural areas.


Gifts from nature

Any soil blender knows that sand can be hard to come by. At the Ecowaste blending facility, Arrow Transportation uses river sand that is dredged and pumped from the adjacent Fraser River to create their soil blends. The sand is regularly tested and very fine, which gives their soil blends a unique texture and performance.

River sand at EcoWaste facility

Did you know?

Arrow Transportation believes proactive communication is the key to successful partnerships. They have a long history of success working with First Nations. Their most recent project started May 1st, 2018. Arrow worked to proactively engage with First Nations before the project began. Proactive communication and transparency helps create mutual respect within the community, and that respect leads to community support. Arrow Transportation goes beyond what is required for notifications. They identified First Nations with key interests and strong stewardship of the land, then worked to develop materials specific to their needs. By making direct communication a priority, trust is established. When issues arise, this direct communications leads to quicker resolutions and more collaborative teamwork and makes the project successful. 

What happens when we flush?

Arrow and Nutrigrow take us on the long journey that begins with a flush of the toilet and ends with a positive impact on our environment. You’ll have to watch the video to find out why.