BioFest 2021: Strengthen Your System!    Live Virtual Conference


Save the date for our annual BioFest Conference taking place on September 15th, 16th, 20th, & 21st, 2021. Each day will consist of 3-hour easy-to-digest morning sessions and a "campfire chat" at the end to open up networking opportunities and the ability to ask crucial questions from others in the industry. 

So fire up those laptops, get cozy with your drink of choice and we will join you live virtually over the world wide web.

More information coming soon...

Biofest 2020

BioFest 2020: What's Your Biosolids Game Plan?    Stevenson, WA -Postponed- 


As the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic continues to reverberate across our communities, we’re all facing difficult decisions many us never envisioned having to consider.

One such decision for Northwest Biosolids is our recent decision to postpone our 2020 Annual Biosolids Management Conference – BioFest.

From all of us at Northwest Biosolids, we will dearly miss seeing everyone together at BioFest. However, please keep an eye out for additional opportunities to gather online and take advantage of the myriad of resources available at your fingertips. And of course, stay tuned for BioFest 2021, where we can all gather again.

Biofest 2019BioFest 2019: Tidal Changes    Blaine, WA

This Biofest we took it back to the beginning - by integrating conversations and discussions on critical issues and the basic ‘how-tos’ into the conference program. As always this will be combined with the latest in research. This year will include a discussion of PFAS both from a science and a regulator perspective. So mark your calendars for September 8-10 and plan to head to the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA. Come with your thinking caps and a willingness to get your hands dirty. BioFest - the one conference where you can have your cake and eat it too!

For more details and presentation links, visit our conference website here.

Biofest 2018BioFest 2018: Biosolids - Can You Dig It?     Chelan, WA

Our upcoming BioFest will take a deep dive into key components of a successful biosolids program from biosolids production to application. Building you the ultimate biosolids program to-do list through biosolids case study presentations, applied principles from other industry models and business essentials for all biosolids programs.

View the BioFest 2018 program and presentations here.

Biofest 2017BioFest 2017: Biosolids - Beyond a Movement   Portland, OR

Northwest Biosolids & BioCycle REFOR17 partnered to bring you two shows at one central location at discounted rates.

The major focal points of this year's BioFest - Biosolids: Beyond a Movement - is bringing you the latest developments in biosolids program management, packaged in a highly customized program that maximizes your time at our event in both learning and networking opportunities.  You’ll learn how biosolids have become key ingredients for building sustainable communities, how custom blends are changing the biosolids recycling landscape and what you need to know in developing lasting community partnerships.  We’re also changing up our Sunday to start earlier, offering a robust session and roundtable on biosolids regulations.  Sunday evening will be capped off with our traditional evening banquet to celebrate 30 years of unearthing sustainable solutions.  BioFest would not be complete without our fun run/walk, so bring some comfortable soles and cross the bridge to our Monday evening gathering directly across the river from the hotel.  Presentations available here.

Biofest 2016BioFest 2016: Ordinary People - Extraordinary Things   Blaine, WA

In 2016, NW Biosolids shed some light and started a conversation around the significance and extraordinary role biosolids play in the greater scheme of things. Groundbreaking research projects answered questions that were asked by us in the biosolids field and by our communities. 

Featured sessions examined social media & biosolids possibilities and how to weigh the plethora of considerations when choosing a biosolids program management plan, application methods and technology options. Click here to view the presentations.