CASA Annual Conference

Hosted by California Association of Sanitation Agencies
location: Monterey, CA

W-3170 Research Annual Meeting

Hosted by Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
location: Chicago, IL

Western WA Short School

Hosted by Western Washington Section of PNCWA
location: Lynnwood Convention Center; Lynnwood, WA

WEF Residuals & Biosolids

location: Phoenix, AZ

Research & Outreach Committee

Hosted by Northwest Biosolids & Metro Vancouver (BC)
location: Vancouver, BC

Biosolids Compliance & Disposal Workshop

$190 for 1-day workshop - Hosted by Professional Training Association
location: Chehalis WWTP, 420 NW Louisiana Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532

BioCycle West Coast18

location: San Diego, CA

Conference Planning Meeting

02/20/18 Hosted by Northwest Biosolids   
location: City of Tacoma WWTP

Biosolids Treatment Workshop

$440 for 2-day workshop - Hosted by Professional Training Association
location: City of Tacoma WWTP, 2201 Portland Avenue

Northwest Biosolids Board of Directors Meeting

location: Sumner, WA