The City operates a wastewater treatment plant serving cities of Everson and Nooksack, Washington.

What we do

The City of Everson, Washington is a picturesque small town nestled in the foothills of the Cascades, just northeast of Bellingham and minutes from the Canadian border. Surrounded by fertile farmland and evergreen forests, Everson is home to around 2,500 residents. Since 1988, the City of Everson’s wastewater treatment plant services not only Everson, but also the nearby city of Nooksack, Washington.

The Everson wastewater treatment plant is a Class II Oxidation Ditch Secondary Treatment Plant treating mostly domestic sewage. Part of a 2016 upgrade included a FKC Rotary Drum Thickener and Polymer Makedown System capable of producing up to 5% solids.

Everson produces 75 – 85 dry tons of biosolids each year and discharges treated effluent into the Nooksack River, in accordance with their NPDES permit. The biosolids are transferred by vacuum truck once or twice a week to off-site farms for further processing and treatment, then used as a fertilizer and soil amendment for local agriculture.  

Did you know?

The City of Everson has been a NW Biosolids Member for 21 years. The original wastewater treatment plant was built in 1972. It was upgraded in 1988 to include the City of Nooksack, then again in 2016 to increase capacity through 2036. They have two – Group II Wastewater Operators, and two – Group I Wastewater Operators.

City of Everson Wastewater Treatment Plant