9:00AM (PDT)

Hosted by Soil Science Society of America in partnership with The Soil Health Institute and sponsored by The Walton Family Foundation

Measuring and assessing soil health are critical for understanding how changes in agronomic management practices affect the capability of soil to support cropping systems. In this presentation, the Soil Health Institute will focus on explaining measurements and assessments of soil health associated with soil-carbon dynamics. There are many ways to measure soil carbon and carbon cycling. This presentation will specifically cover measurements of soil organic carbon, active carbon, water extractable carbon, ACE Protein Index, respiration, and β-glucosidase. For each measurement, the method or methods will be described and the meaning of the measurement will be discussed, especially as it pertains to farmers. Insights and examples from the North American Project to Evaluate Soil Health Measurements will be shared to provide contextual understanding of each measurement.               

Selected CEUs available (CCA and CPSS)