Cowlitz County’s Land reclamation Project is a farm that is organized to reclaim a 1200-acre volcanic ash cell. The Reclamation Project will use on-site composting and integration of biosolids, wood waste, etc. The farm will establish a development of phytoremedial-hybrid tree crop or plantation. A buffer zone between the farm and river is being established to encourage indigenous vegetation growth and enhance and protect wildlife and fish habitat. This will also encourage and provide a forum for local education research. Second to soil development, a tree crop and buffer is the project’s key objective. Implementing an ash stabilization plan to halt erosion, is critical at the shoreline. A hard shoreline is to be established to prevent reintroduction of the ash into the river positively impacting the ecosystem and lessening the financial burden of managing the ash by our local and national community.

Jim Mallett has been developing this project for the last 9 years. He is incredibly passionate about his work. Jim has a long-standing connection with Mt. St. Helens. He worked law enforcement providing security and search & rescue in the red zone (now the monument) before and after the eruption. As deputy coroner he flew numerous recovery missions into the blast zone to search for and retrieve the victims of the eruption. He also had the privilege of being assigned to the security detail to then President Jimmy Carter when he came to survey the devastation shortly after Mt. St. Helens erupted, in 1980. Presently he serves on the Cowlitz Conservation District and has been nicknamed “Emoji King” for his perfect usage of the pile of poo emoji. Jim is looking forward to being involved with the NW Biosolids. He attended BioFest 2021 and was excited to see the comradery among the association, the openness and willingness to learn and the vast variety of knowledge among members.

Welcome to NW Biosolids, Cowlitz County Public Works!