Leadership Spotlight Series

Dr. Sally Brown doesn’t need much of an introduction. You probably already read her Biocycle column like a dedicated fan, and check out her monthly Northwest Biosolids library write ups to see what the hot new research is. Many of you have worked with her for decades, and many more of you entered the biosolids world as her graduate student. Dr.

City of Lynden

In April, a few of the Northwest Biosolids members were able to stop by the Lynden wastewater treatment plant, en route to a committee meeting.  

The City of Lynden has a compost facility, where they compost ground branches and leaves, sawdust, and biosolids to make a Class A compost that is available for both commercial landscapers and the public, called Biolyn compost. A finely screened compost is sold to their customers, and the coarse version is available for the public to pick up.