Impacts of Biosolids on Soil Health: Updates from the Soil Health Institute’s project

The Long-Term Dryland Biosolids Research site in Douglas County, WA (a.k.a. GP-17) has been an extremely valuable experiment over the last 27 years to study the effects of biosolids land applications on crop productivity, nutrient availability, fertilizer value, soil organic matter storage, and microplastics. The trial looks at 3 biosolids treatments (applied every 4 years) compared to synthetic fertilizer and an unfertilized control.

Leadership Spotlight Series

Most leaders in the biosolids arena took a circuitous path to get to where they are today. Not Andy Bary! While Andy was in graduate school studying agronomy, he worked as a research assistant at the Washington State University extension, and he found it challenging and rewarding. He says the job he has now is the only job he’s ever had in the biosolids field. Given the passion and expertise he brings to his work every day, it’s obvious he lucked out when he landed that first biosolids job.