Regulations Special Announcement

Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has requested comments on their draft PFAS Draft Chemical Action Plan (CAP). This CAP includes a variety of chapters, one of which is on biosolids. To review the CAP and provide comments, visit the PFAS CAP website. The comment period has been extended to January 22, 2021. 

Regulations Corner - November 2020

Recognition of Kyle Dorsey, WA State Dept. of Ecology

The Regulations Committee would like to recognize Kyle Dorsey, WA State Department of Ecology, for his leadership in creating one of the more successful biosolids programs in the country. Read the Regulations Spotlight here. 

WA State PFAS CAP Comments

Regulations Corner - June 2019

Regulations Corner

Proposed Biosolids Project in Yelm

The proposed biosolids land application project in Yelm (WA) has a coordinated anti-biosolids community group. The land owner for the proposed project recently cancelled their involvement.

Among the community group's efforts, Preserve the Commons has: