Plant Available Sulfur in Biosolids

By Eliza Smith, Oregon State University

The Soil Fertility Specialist at Oregon State, Amber Moore, and research assistant Eliza Smith, in collaboration with Dan Sullivan, Nutrient Management Specialist at OSU, and Andy Bary, Soil Scientist at WSU, are working on a project entitled, “Plant-available S release from biosolids”.  The objective of the project is to investigate the amount and timing of plant-available sulfur release from biosolids produced by different technologies. 

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, otherwise known as the SFPUC, provides wastewater and power services to the city of San Francisco and water services to San Francisco and 27 other local water agencies.  

The SFPUC is excited to have recently joined Northwest Biosolids. The agency is looking forward to supporting the mission of the organization and forging strong ties with other member agencies. Currently the SFPUC is using temperature phased anaerobic digestion at its Oceanside treatment plant and is undergoing EPA Class A certification.