Regulations Corner - April 2019

Regulations Corner

EPA Biosolids Screening Tool
EPA's Biosolids Program is working on finalizing the Biosolids Screening Tool (formerly referred to as the BCRAM screening tool). It has been scientifically peer reviewed and still needs to go through public review. Once completed and publicly reviewed, risk screening can begin (anticipated 2020). Based on the three EPA national sewage sludge surveys and the biennial review process, over 350 pollutants have been found in biosolids and need to be screened provided there are sufficient data. 

Leadership Spotlight Series

“I had a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science but no real tools for solving environmental problems.” Sound familiar? There are a few folks who woke up one day and knew they wanted to study biosolids, work with biosolids, and promote beneficial use. Maybe they were inspired by one of you. But most of us happened upon biosolids. We thought to ourselves, “eh…don’t know what this is really but it sounds environmental” or “this is sort of what I studied”.  What hooked many of us, Steve included, was that biosolids are a real, practical tool to solve environmental problems.