EPA ECHO Database
2018 marked the second year of the U.S. EPA electronic biosolids facility report collection known as ECHO (Enforcement Compliance History Online) database.  Results for 2017 reports are now available in the new Biosolids Facility Report. These reports include Biosolids Annual Report data along with enforcement and compliance data streamlined into a single report. Users can navigate to the report by selecting “CWA Program Area Reports” under “Related Reports” found in the Facility Summary section of the Detailed Facility Report, or by selecting the “W” icon where Report icons are available within ECHO. Take a moment to review the accuracy of your utility information and reach out to Courtney Tuxbury at EPA if you have any questions or corrections.

Global GAP International Alliance
Biosolids work groups from the European Union (EU) and United States have banded together in a cooperative proposal to integrate biosolids beneficial use into Global GAP.  The proposal will be presented at the Global GAP Technical Crops Committee next month in Germany.  Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies, will be attending as representative of the U.S. biosolids work group.  You can view the proposal that includes all supporting organizations here.