Office of Inspector General Responds to EPA
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) released their audit of the U.S. EPA's Biosolids Program in November 2018. EPA issued a letter to address the corrective actions outlined in the audit and entered a resolution process to resolve five of the OIG recommendations. In July, the OIG released their response to the EPA accepting the planned correction actions presented by the Office of Water. You can review these documents on the Office of Inspector General website.

Greg Kester, California Assoc. of Sanitation Agencies and Dr. Ian Pepper, are working with the USDA W-3170 research team on a rebuttal to the OIG report as well and presenting an overview of this response at BioFest next month.

EPA ECHO Biosolids Report Pollutant Data Available
Biosolids annual report pollutant monitoring data is now available on the U.S. EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) Biosolids Facility Report. Visit the ECHO site and enter the NPDES ID of interest. You can find the pollutant monitoring data in the Annual Report section of the report. Contact Courtney Tuxbury with any questions.