Regulations Corner

Proposed Biosolids Project in Yelm

The proposed biosolids land application project in Yelm (WA) has a coordinated anti-biosolids community group. The land owner for the proposed project recently cancelled their involvement.

Among the community group's efforts, Preserve the Commons has: 

  • Developed draft legislation on their website for members to forward on to their legislator
  • Hosted community meetings of which invited speakers attend like Richard Honour.

Kamloops Judge Rules in Favor of Biosolids

A British Columbia Supreme Court justice ruled that there are 'little if any risks' associated with the biosolids land application project outside of Kamploops, BC.  This ruling allows the project to continue although opposition, that has included road blocks, remains among Turtle Valley residents. Included in the ruling, Judge Dev Dley stated, "I have some concerns with the material I have been provided. It is to some degree, misleading. It fails to consider the steps that Arrow has taken to address concerns alleged." 

WA Ecology New Electronic Reporting

The Washington State Department of Ecology's (Ecology) new online Biosolids Annual Report is live. You can access this through Secure Access Washington. Instructions were submitted to all Washington facilities with a report deadline of early July. Contact Michelle Andrews with any questions.

Alaska Utility Halts Compost Sales

With PFAS concentrations in water and biosolids receiving heightened attention, Golden Heart Utilities has decided to halt the sale of their biosolids compost product until further pollution standards have been set. Firefighting foams used at training facilities are the main source of PFAS in the area. 

U.S. EPA Biennial Report Available

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released the 2016-2017 Biosolids Bieenial Review.  The Clean Water Act (CWA) requires that every two years, the EPA review their biosolids standards and identify additional pollutants in biosolids. You can access the review on the EPA website.