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Regulations Corner

EPA Biosolids Program Webinar
You can access the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Biosolids 101: Pathogen & Vector Attraction Requirements of the federal regulation 40 CFR Part 503. Webinar recordings will be made available in the future, along with additional webinar opportunities. 

ECHO Database Update

EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) recently added a Biosolids Annual Report Facility Search that allows users to narrow their search detail to facilities that electronically submitted reports to ECHO. Users can search 2018 annual reports by NPDES ID, state, amount of biosolids generated, management practice type or detail, and violations to view high-level annual report data. 

Biosolids & Manure Regulations Map
The Biosolids & Manure Task Force of the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance released an interactive biosolids and manure regulation map called the GIS-P. This tool was developed using ESRI's online StoryMaps platform. A significant amount of effort went into researching, compiling and presenting regulations detail from across the nation. The team hopes to collaborate with Canada to add existing regulations there as well. Access the map here to explore regulations across the country and view a project overview presentation here on the Sustainable P Alliance website.