PFAS in Biosolids
The North East Biosolids & Residuals Association has been hosting ongoing PFAS webinars to share the latest detail on regulations surrounding PFAS guidance and regulation across the nation. One of the updates shared during the webinar was the State of California issuing the lowest acceptable concentration limit for PFOA (5.1 ppt) & PFOS (6.5 ppt) in the nation for drinking water. Learn more about this and other related PFAS news on the latest recorded webinar here.  

WEF Requests Utilities to Contact Legislators on PFAS
The Water Environment Federation initiated a campaign to oppose federal legislation to list PFAS under Superfund and open up water and wastewater utility to Superfund liability.  Specifically, the amendment by Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) would mandate additional PFAS regulation for water under CERCLA.  This has the potential to be very problematic for wastewater utilities. Biosolids management, in particular, could be made subject to the Superfund law, which could place PFAS remediation costs on utilities and ratepayers.  PFAS industrial producers and industrial users should be responsible for remediating it in our environment, but CERCLA’s strict and retroactive liability requirements could place the burden on PFAS receivers, such as wastewater and drinking water agencies, which do not introduce PFAS into wastewater and biosolids, but only receive it from the myriad sources in modern society. Click here to learn more.