Comments on WA Ecology PFAS Chemical Action Plan

Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) has requested comments on their draft PFAS Draft Chemical Action Plan (CAP). This CAP includes a variety of chapters, one of which is on biosolids. To review the CAP and provide comments, visit the PFAS CAP website. The comment period has been extended to January 22, 2021. 

The biosolids chapter focused on the importance of regulations based in science and provides an overview of how this has been done both nationally and state-wide for biosolids regulations. Specific to PFAS, the chapter discusses the importance of: 
•    understanding first how to measure chemicals before issuing limits, 
•    utilizing real land application rates vs. simulated or spiked application rates
•    focusing on concentrated sources in the state such as firefighting foam and industrial manufacturing,
•    the state’s already low industrial production of PFAS
•    biosolids being a conveyor and receptacle vs. a source
•    exposure routes of PFAS via ambient home exposure 

Northwest Biosolids submitted a comment letter that is available here. Our comments commend Ecology on the thorough and practical Chemical Action Plan created to address PFAS chemicals. Specific comments address fate and transport, need for analysis, focusing on existing sources, and citing recent studies on the impacts of PFAS contamination to wastewater programs. 

Please consider adding your voice using their comment portal on the website above by January 22, 2021.