san francisco puc

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, otherwise known as the SFPUC, provides wastewater and power services to the city of San Francisco and water services to San Francisco and 27 other local water agencies.  

The SFPUC is excited to have recently joined Northwest Biosolids. The agency is looking forward to supporting the mission of the organization and forging strong ties with other member agencies. Currently the SFPUC is using temperature phased anaerobic digestion at its Oceanside treatment plant and is undergoing EPA Class A certification.  

oceanside treatment plant
The Oceanside treatment plant next to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  Primary and Secondary treatment were located underground to accommodate future expansion of the neighboring San Francisco Zoo.

Major upgrades to the agency’s Southeast Treatment Plant including the construction of a thermal hydrolysis system are due to begin in mid-2018. The planned upgrades will increase the productivity of the plant while helping produce Class A biosolids Market research and product development for the Class A material the SFPUC will be producing is currently underway. In addition to producing biosolids at its two main treatment plants, the SFPUC is also responsible for biosolids produced at the Treasure Island wastewater treatment plant. This small treatment plant in the middle of the San Francisco Bay was formerly operated by the Navy and handles an average of 1 MGD.  

plant tourThe SFPUC produces approximately 16,250 dry tons of biosolids annually. During the summer dry season, the biosolids are used by farmers in surrounding counties.  During the 6 month winter rainy season, when agricultural use of biosolids is restricted in some counties, biosolids are used as alternative daily cover in landfills. Earlier this year, the SFPUC started sending a portion of its biosolids to Lystek which converts the material into a Class A liquid fertilizer for local use.  Currently Lystek is processing SFPUC biosolids at a rate of 1,500 dry tons per year.