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Everett (WA) is one of the original founding organizations of Northwest Biosolids and one of the top contributors to the association, funding research and supporting environmental stewardship for the Northwest.

Located along the busy I-5 corridor, the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) might be the most visible of the entire NW Biosolids membership. The WPCF is located on a 350-acre land parcel owned by the City on Smith Island, east of the Snohomish River. Next time you’re driving through the area look for our large lagoons on the east side of I-5, just north of downtown Everett and the Hwy 2 interchange.

In addition to operating one of the largest lagoon treatment systems in Washington State, Everett Public Works provides great tasting drinking water to 570,000 people and over 80% of the businesses in Snohomish County.

everett wastewater treatment plant

A private contractor dredges and dewaters 2,500 dry tons of solids that meet Class B standards from one of our aerated lagoons every other year.  Another private contractor then transports and land applies these solids to agricultural land in Snohomish County, typically amending soils that will grow corn and grass for silage or winter wheat or barley.