Using NutriGrow replenishes the earth and closes the nutrient loop that begins when harvested plants remove nutrients from the soil.

arrow tour

At the Northwest Biosolids Research and Outreach Committee meeting, committee members made the trek across the border to Vancouver to visit our friendly Canadian neighbors. Arrow Transportation were able to give us a tour of their soil blending facility at the Ecowaste Landfill. 

NutriGrow blending tour
Brad English from Arrow Transportation gives Northwest Biosolids committee members a tour of their blending facility at the Ecowaste Landfill. 

In partnership with Metro Vancouver, Arrow Transportation takes the city’s Class A biosolids and creates a nutrigrow productvariety of soil blends called NutriGrow. NutriGrow is a commercially available natural organic manufactured topsoil (growing medium). Specific measurements of biosolids, fibre (sawdust/bark) and sand are mixed together to create an organic-rich soil with a complete source of nutrients. The planter soil is aged bark, river sand and biosolids, while the turf soil is river sand, sawdust and biosolids. Most of the NutriGrow’s customers are commercial landscapers, the construction industry, and bulk suppliers. Arrow has multiple facilities in British Columbia and also transports Vancouver’s biosolids to larger sites where they are used directly to return nutrients to the soil in the reclamation and remediation of mines, landfills and disturbed agricultural areas.

sniff test
Performing the sniff test on Nutrigrow’s planter soil. It passed! The planter soil has a fresh, earthy aroma. 

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