Billy Lewis, City of Tacoma-TAGRO

lewis, billy

Ask anyone who works with Billy Lewis to describe him and you will hear quiet, considerate, hard worker and a man of few words. You would think someone who sells biosolids products for a living would be a big talker with a crap load of bravado. That is not the case with Billy; instead, he enjoys the quieter things in life like spending time with his wife and two boxers, running, camping and golfing.    

lewis, billyMeet Billy Lewis, TAGRO’s newest Biosolids Coordinator. Billy joined TAGRO in 2014 as a Biosoids Distribution Operator making deliveries to residential homes, spraying liquid on fields, and manufacturing/ selling product to customers at the Tacoma Central Treatment Plant. In January of this year, Billy was promoted to Biosolids Coordinator and now works in the office.  

Billy is the first to admit that he still has a lot to learn about the industry but what he lacks in knowledge he makes up in administrative skill. He was instrumental in the development of the new TAGRO order and scheduling system that streamlined the process, eliminated errors and offers tools that can be used for marketing and sales forecasting.  

Read more about Billy and how he got his start in biosolids. Responses have been edited for clarity and abridged for length. 

Please provide 1-3 fun facts: metrics, interesting facts about your company: 
In the first 6 months of 2020:

  • TAGRO sold a total of 18,025 yards of biosolids products
  • TAGRO served a total of 6,428 customers, completed 2,328 deliveries to 8 different counties and drove a total of 67,432 miles (with an average of 4 drivers). 

What did you think you’d do for a career, before you started working in biosolids management?
I thought I would be a heavy equipment operator and drive/operate oversized equipment. 

How did you end up working with biosolids? 
There was an opportunity for employment at the City of Tacoma in TAGRO and I applied for the position and got it; so I pretty much got my start in biosolids by chance. 

What’s your best Biofest memory (PG stories only please)?
The only Biofest I’ve attended so far was in 2018.  I remember soil samples. Every other speaker spoke about soil samples. 

What’s something most biosolids folks wouldn’t know about you?
I am driven and very competitive. I think competition is a good thing because it makes me want to do my best in whatever I do.  

What’s your dream job (in or out of the biosolids world)?
I dream of being a professional golfer (or golfing like one)! 

If Billy ever achieves his dream of being a professional golfer, we will know the courses he played; in the thick, lush, green grass at every hole with be a “TAGRO used here” sign.