In 1994, the City of Denton, TX developed an innovative biosolids recycling program that produces compost, soil blend, and a variety of mulches. In addition to the use of biosolids from the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the Beneficial Reuse operation also diverts yard waste and clean brush from the municipally-owned landfill.  In FY ’20, the City of Denton received, and diverted, nearly 26 tons of yard waste and brush to be used in its compost operation. The program is known as “Dyno Dirt”.

dyno dirt

The City of Denton currently produces, markets and sells a variety of products, including:

  • Dyno Dirt - a nutrient rich compost, consisting of biosolids and ground yard waste/brush.
  • Dyno Soil - a mixture of 60% Dyno Dirt compost with a 40% sandy soil.
  • Dyno Lite - composted yard waste (no biosolids)
  • Dyno Double Grind – a wood mulch made from ground yard waste/brush.
  • Dyno Deco-Colored Mulch – wood mulch made from yard waste/brush, in 3 different colors—brown, red, & black
  • Erosion Control Mulch – an extremely coarse mulch that can be used to prevent soil erosion in a variety of applications.

These products are ideal for landscaping and gardens. Dyno Dirt has excellent soil-conditioning and moisture-retention properties and provides natural, slow-release fertilization.  Denton-area residents and professionals have been using Dyno Dirt products for a variety of applications, including landscape planting and mulching, lawn establishment and maintenance, flower gardens, nursery crop and green house production, and turf and sod production.

From a regulatory standpoint all Dyno Dirt products meet the requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for “uncontrolled use” as a Class A compost.

It is our goal to increase public awareness of the value of biosolids as a natural resource and to provide quality products that our citizens can be proud of. In addition to membership in the United States Compost Council’s STA program, we are now proud to be a member of Northwest Biosolids. We hope to gain valuable information from your organization that we can incorporate into our Dyno Dirt products. For more information about Dyno Dirt, please visit the website at

We chose to pursue a membership with Northwest Biosolids for all of the available resources to us as members, specifically research information related to the use of biosolids in compost.  I’m also excited to connect with other members who can share their experiences and knowledge with us!


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