Releasing new community outreach videos

LOTT video

The LOTT Clean Water Alliance’s active education and outreach program helps forge strong connections with the community. LOTT has invested in their WET Science Center, partnerships with local school districts, and public outreach that includes providing tours to community groups. When LOTT’s treatment plant and WET Science Center had to temporarily close to the public because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly changed our focus to develop strategies and tools for connecting with our community virtually. Using a collaborative process, we began creating new programming and outreach tools, including a virtual plant tour.
What we did:

  • Our intent was to create a video primarily for people in the LOTT service area, ages 10 – 99. It could also be for industry peers and others from further away. We wanted to create videos that are engaging, educational, and technically accurate. We contracted with a Seattle company that specializes in educational videos. The project involved input and review from a lot of staff from across the organization - staff from the communications team and several technical experts, including plant operations staff. This broad input was key to success of the project.  
  • The video project is now complete, with the 15-minute Tour LOTT’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, plus 6 short videos:
    • What is the LOTT Clean Water Alliance? (1.5 minutes)
    • How LOTT Cleans Wastewater: Five Key Steps (3 minutes)
    • How LOTT Produces Resources from Wastewater (2 minutes)
    • What Not to Flush (2 minutes)
    • Clean Water Careers at LOTT (3 minutes)
    • Meet LOTT’s Wastewater Superheroes (3 minutes)
  • Even after in-person tours resume, these videos will be used to increase accessibility for community members to learn about the wastewater treatment process.   

The videos are available on this webpage. Please let me know if you would like any additional details.