Research Short Story

Biosolids Research - Looking Back 30 Years

Dec 26, 2017
By Sally Brown, University of Washington This year we celebrated our 30th year of Biofest.  For the last research story of this year it seems appropriate to take a trip back 30 years and see what…
Research Short Story

The Biosolids & Cannabis Connection

Nov 13, 2017
By Ezra Carlson and Sally Brown, University of Washington Whether or not you choose to take advantage, legal ‘weed’ in Washington and Oregon is a potential business opportunity for biosolids.  …
Research Short Story

Conifer Establishment Trial on a Mine site using Various Understory Vegetation

Oct 11, 2017
By Janelle Hunt, Metro Vancouver, BC Metro Vancouver has been using the region’s biosolids to reclaim mine tailings and rock disposal sites (RDS) for decades; however, the establishment of…
Research Short Story

Soil Carbon Storage with Biosolids Land Application

Sep 08, 2017
By Bill Pan and Andy Bary, Washington State University Data mining a WSU soil vault has supported biosolids’ reputation for building soil organic matter.  A research paper recently published in Soil…
Research Short Story

USDA's W3170 Research Meeting Recap

Aug 16, 2017
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Under the auspices of the USDA CREES program, every year a group of scientists   get together to talk about their work related to municipal biosolids.  It is…
Research Short Story

Biosolids Recipe Testing

Jul 21, 2017
By Ryan Batjiaka, University of Washington Class A biosolids mixed with other ingredients can make the perfect soil amendment.  The biosolids supply organic matter and fertility.  You just need to…
Research Short Story

Next Generation Biosolids Blend Professionals

Jun 16, 2017
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Darlene Zabowski, the standard bearer for soils classes at the University of Washington retired in the spring of 2016. The process to replace her is underway…
Research Short Story

Determining Biosolids Application Rates

May 03, 2017
By Andy Bary, Washington State University-Puyallup Research & Extension Center Calculating application rates of biosolids for an agricultural land application program is one of the key steps for…
Research Short Story

Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Biosolids and Char Amended Soil

Feb 28, 2017
By Megan Plog, Sally Brown, & Andy Bary Nitrous oxide has held the threat to be the potential thorn in the side of beneficial use of biosolids.  It is a highly potent greenhouse gas, having…
Research Short Story

Improvement of Solonetzic Soils with Biosolids

Dec 14, 2016
Presented by: Kasia Caputa, PAg, SYLVIS Environmental Solonetzic soils contain high concentrations of soluble sodium relative to magnesium and calcium, which results in a high sodium adsorption…