Research Short Story

Wastewater Based Epidemiology Studies for the Coronavirus: Part 1 – Plans

May 29, 2020
By Ian Pepper, University of Arizona & WEST Center Background: Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) is a rapidly expanding new discipline formerly known as Sewage Surveillance. The concept behind…
Research Short Story

Biosolids for Forestry Fertilization

Apr 28, 2020
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Drawdown provides solutions that will help us reduce (drawdown) the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Biosolids didn’t make the list of solutions.  …
Research Short Story

Soil Health Part II - Active Carbon and Effects of Long-term Biosolids Applications

Mar 20, 2020
By Deirdre Griffin Lahue, Washington State University Last month’s Research Short Story focused on some of the concepts and initiatives behind soil health, and this time we will go more in depth on…
Research Short Story

Soil Health Part I - What Is Soil Health Anyway?

Feb 24, 2020
By Deirdre Griffin Lahue, Washington State University What is “soil health” anyway?  Soil health has become a popular topic in agricultural and environmental sectors over the last few years, and…
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PFAS Talking Points

Jan 14, 2020
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Forget climate change. Forget soil degradation. Forget water quality. Biosolids can help all of those - better than most other tools we have. The real threat…
Research Short Story

Soil Health/Plant Health

Nov 25, 2019
By Sally Brown and Ande Niedzwiecki, University of Washington; Toby Una, Andy Bary and Deirdre Griffin LaHue, Washington State University This study was set up to see if the use of amendments made…
Research Short Story

Allegations against Land Application: Facts and Myths

Oct 31, 2019
By Ian Pepper, The University of Arizona; Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies; Nick Basta and Alyssa Zearley, Ohio State University and Ryan Batjiaka, San Francisco PUC The…
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Plant Available Sulfur in Biosolids

Sep 25, 2019
By Eliza Smith, Oregon State University The Soil Fertility Specialist at Oregon State, Amber Moore, and research assistant Eliza Smith, in collaboration with Dan Sullivan, Nutrient Management…
Research Short Story

Soil Chemistry to Save Our Sound

Jul 31, 2019
By Norah Kates, University of Washington What happens to the water that falls on our cities every time it rains? A lot of the answer depends on what comes in contact with that water as it runs down…
Research Short Story

Biosolids & Soil Health

Jun 27, 2019
By Andy Bary, Washington State University-Puyallup Soil health is a function of various soil attributes (physical, chemical and biological) which respond to land management and vary in space and…