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Our Research Family Tree

May 29, 2019
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Research has always been a critical component of the work of Northwest Biosolids.  That research has provided critical insights into how to best use…
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A True Test of TAGRO

Apr 29, 2019
By Sally Brown, University of Washington We finally took the plunge.  While buying cannabis is legal in most of the Northwest, growing it in a University is not.  Universities receive funds from…
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Soil Health - Plant Health: First Year Results

Mar 22, 2019
By Sally Brown and Sally Landefeld, University of Washington; Dan Eberheardt, City of Tacoma-TAGRO and Juan Carlos Hernandez, Monroe Correctional Facility Last year was the first year of a study…
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Wildlife population dynamics on a biosolids fertilized dryland pasture

Feb 11, 2019
By Karen Hodges, University of British Columbia Okanagan; Frank Doyle, Wildlife Dynamics Consulting, and Rene Carl Dionne, SYLVIS A biosolids fertilized versus non-fertilized pasture Ecological…
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University of Washington Takes a Trip Down Under

Dec 14, 2018
By Sally Brown, University of Washington Drs Chuck Henry & Sally Brown Sally Brown and Chuck Henry were invited to Melbourne, Australia to give presentations at the AORA (Australian Organics…
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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Biosolids: Literature Review Shows No Reason For Concern

Nov 19, 2018
By Ian Pepper, The University of Arizona Published in Environ Sci. Technol. 2018 52:3949-3959 Microorganisms naturally produce and secrete antibiotic compounds, which can inhibit the growth of…
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W-3170 Science Meeting

Oct 22, 2018
By Sally Brown, University of Washington W-3170 is a group of researchers who meet every year to talk about biosolids.  This group, officially under the auspices of the USDA CREES, has been around…
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Wind Erosion in Winter Wheat-Summer Fallow Rotation After Land Application of Biosolids

Oct 22, 2018
By Sharratt, B.S., Daniel C. Schlatter, Timothy C. Paulitz., Schillinger, W.F., Pi, H, Bary, A, Cogger, C, Washington State University and USDA-ARS No studies have determined the effects of…
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Biosolids on Golf Course Fairways and Bacterial and Fungal Communities

Sep 24, 2018
Authors: Nathan Stacey, Washington State University (WSU)-Puyallup; Ricky Lewis & Tarah Sullivan, WSU-Pullman and Joan Davenport, WSU-Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center Prosser…
Research Short Story

Biosolids in British Columbia's Southern Interior: A Case Study on Public Risk Perception and Factors Influencing Public Attitudes

Aug 16, 2018
Author: Sarah Whitehouse, Thompson Rivers University, Master of Science in Environmental Science
Co-Author: Dr. Lauchland Fraser, Thompson Rivers University, Professor of Natural Resource…