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Wind Erosion in Winter Wheat-Summer Fallow Rotation After Land Application of Biosolids

Oct 22, 2018
By Sharratt, B.S., Daniel C. Schlatter, Timothy C. Paulitz., Schillinger, W.F., Pi, H, Bary, A, Cogger, C, Washington State University and USDA-ARS No studies have determined the effects of…
Research Short Story

Biosolids on Golf Course Fairways and Bacterial and Fungal Communities

Sep 24, 2018
Authors: Nathan Stacey, Washington State University (WSU)-Puyallup; Ricky Lewis & Tarah Sullivan, WSU-Pullman and Joan Davenport, WSU-Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center Prosser…
Research Short Story

Biosolids in British Columbia's Southern Interior: A Case Study on Public Risk Perception and Factors Influencing Public Attitudes

Aug 16, 2018
Author: Sarah Whitehouse, Thompson Rivers University, Master of Science in Environmental Science
Co-Author: Dr. Lauchland Fraser, Thompson Rivers University, Professor of Natural Resource…
Research Short Story

Effects of Biosolids on Kale Nutrients

Jul 19, 2018
By Adria Lau, University of Washington Introduction:  The degradation of soil is one of the most understated issues the world faces today—though the soil allows us to sustain ourselves, we rarely…
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Long term effects of biosolids application on forage grass production in northeast Oregon dryland pasture

Jun 28, 2018
By Dan M. Sullivan, Oregon State University Photos courtesy of City of Portland, OR The impact of repeated biosolids application on grass forage yield has been documented over a 15-year period…
Research Short Story

Pails to Piles

May 21, 2018
Sally Brown, & Ryan Batjiaka, More and more communities are considering the potential to develop biosolids based soil products that can look, feel and act like…
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Composted Biosolids - A Nutrient Substitute for Golf Course Fairways

Apr 26, 2018
By Nathan Stacey and Andy Bary, Washington State University-Puyallup Research & Extension Center Golf course turfgrasses are managed as highly manicured playing fields, maintained to optimize…
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Biosolids in Dryland Cropping Systems: New Pacific Northwest Extension Publication

Mar 21, 2018
By Dan Sullivan, Oregon State University The OSU Extension Publishing unit will release a new publication by Dan Sullivan, Craig Cogger, and Andy Bary later this year.  This publication reviews the…
Research Short Story

Long-term effects of biosolids application on grassland soil quality and vegetation in Jesmond, British Columbia

Feb 15, 2018
By Emma Avery, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia Semiarid grasslands around the world are among the ecosystems with the highest species richness and provide a wide…
Research Short Story

Biosolids Research - Looking Back 30 Years

Dec 26, 2017
By Sally Brown, University of Washington This year we celebrated our 30th year of Biofest.  For the last research story of this year it seems appropriate to take a trip back 30 years and see what…